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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
... My son loves playing sports and he loves to go running. I never make him do it if he does not want to. I am also aware that age appropriate exercise is very important. My son is very tall for his age and needs to work on his fitness. He plays in the 12s. At the last USTA RTC he recently attended they said he needed to work on core strength and agility. The next camp is about 4 weeks away. I just wondered if in 4 weeks it is possible to see a difference. That is of course without over training.
Is he only doing aerobic running? It is ok for him to do some of that but he also needs anaerobic fitness -- wind sprints / interval training.

For his core strength he might perform a bit of medicine ball work -- but not too much. At his age it is probably not wise to engage in too much plyometric training. Jumping rope is another good idea -- it is considered a low-level plyomentric exercise. It should help somewhat with his footwork/agility and hit overall fitness. He can incorporate skipping rope with his interval training. Jump (high intensity) for 20-30 seconds and then walk (low intensity) for 30-40 seconds. Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes or more.
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