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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

I'm a 7.5 captain too and believe many of the 3.5s will get the bump as well. And, like you, we just missed the playoffs. What you don't mention is how many of your 4.0s...might get the bump too.
There is perhaps one lady who might get bumped to 4.5, but I would be very surprised if that happened. Re the 3.5s, the worst case scenario is all but one will be bumped up.

We'd probably lose one (and she'd be hard to "replace"...skill- or temperament-wise) I'd expect a gaggle of 4.0s, half of which are "new". Not something I'd like to take up to 8.5 (where we'd already be giving up 0.5 an NTRP point per line).

This is my first year at 4.0, and I frequently find myself overmatched just playing 4.0 adult and 4.0 seniors. I cannot imagine going up against an 8.5 pair with a brand new 4.0 at my side.

The odd thing is that I would bet money that the new 4.0s won't be at all intimidated by playing 8.5. Until you have faced top 4.0s, it is hard to understand just how much they pressure you. They have overheads, so the Default Lob doesn't work. If they sense you can't come to net, they pin you in the back corner. Any mid-court sitter is smoked down the middle or down the alley. And if you don't move forward well, they will hit short slice all day long.

I've already gone with Option #4. Told team from me next year. Shame, that. I genuinely liked all my teammates and would have liked to make an even more serious run at finishing, well, first.
What did the others decide to do? Did someone pick up the ball and put a team together? Or did you all go your separate ways?

I think if I dissolved the team, someone would skim off the ten best 4.0s and start a team. I think I would be invited, but nothing is certain. So dissolving the team could leave *me* without a team.

I think some captains opt for Option 4.5: Dissolve the team, find someone to captain, and then pull the strings behind the scenes. This always seemed a little smarmy to me. I mean, if you want to keep captaining a competitive team at that level, suck it up and cut some people honestly.

I do think it would be a big mistake to state what the criteria are for making the team, though. I mean, the basic criteria would be "Players who can go out onto Court One against the toughest opponents, who won't complain or whine, and who have the skill to maybe win." The players I have to hide on Court Three or against weak teams, who I have to figure out how to use, who have a long list of demands and requirements and preferences -- they would be in jeopardy.
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