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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
What she is doing is what you feel you see on the Sampras serve, but watch him
and notice how different he actually brings the racket up. See at 4 secs
into this how the motion back stops and starts to come up instead?

It is a slight illusion with Pete due to his very large turn away from the court.
I guess due to my greater concerns, I never finished the point I started above.

Due to the way she takes the racket back in her wind up, it tends to lead to
that hand position. I don't think there is reason for breaking down her swing
and nearly starting over due to this. Imo she should just work on moving more
in the right direction with what she is doing. Just shorten up that backswing
a bit and get her to work on more turn away and see what that gets you.
I used that approach in building some of the biggest serves in the Jrs with my
first son and have another coming along much the same. I don't believe in big
changes on a motion that looks that good overall and tend to just mold it
gently in the direction it needs to go. Imo she has no big problem...only little
adjustments to make over time.
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