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Originally Posted by Djokodal Fan View Post
You want Novak to get into a fist fight or what? If that were to happen, TT will go down with messages by Fed fans claiming how un-classy Novak is.

Either way you look at it, Fed is always correct and always holds the exclusive rights as to what he wants to do on court.

His supporters will back him to the hilt whether he is correct or not.

Fed the attention grabber should be penalized for his selfish act! He was clearly n0.2 and deserved to occupy the right side of chair umpire. No wonder Novak lost the first 3 games straight due to this distraction :P

Thanks to Novak for shooting down the arrogant old man! Talk about Trolling :P

Hey Rafa, I strolled right out and took the seat with Djoker's towel on it.

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