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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
This is my first year at 4.0, and I frequently find myself overmatched just playing 4.0 adult and 4.0 seniors. I cannot imagine going up against an 8.5 pair with a brand new 4.0 at my side.

The odd thing is that I would bet money that the new 4.0s won't be at all intimidated by playing 8.5. Until you have faced top 4.0s, it is hard to understand just how much they pressure you. They have overheads, so the Default Lob doesn't work. If they sense you can't come to net, they pin you in the back corner. Any mid-court sitter is smoked down the middle or down the alley. And if you don't move forward well, they will hit short slice all day long.
*grits teeth*

While I'm not necessarily counting myself in that likely-to-get-bumped group of 3.5s, I would say I probably wouldn't be intimidated by playing 8.5 women (no mixed combo for me, though!!!). I've been blessed with the opportunity to play some for-all-intents-and-purposes....8.0+ doubles this fall (in a non-USTA league, where we all, nonetheless, know everyone's rating). Those top flight 4.0 women are indeed tough but I enjoyed the competition. I was truly lucky enough to have a 4.5 at my side. Even though she was just coming back from a dislocated shoulder injury, her skill set was phenomenal even at something clearly less than 100%. Her attitude about playing with me, and just in general, was also fantastic and really made it a good experience for me. We won as many as we lost and I learned so much just by being on the court with her in a competitive environment. What I learned most, I think, was that I now really want to improve be able to participate with players like her...when I'm not a (potentially complete) liability. Lofty goal, perhaps, but one I'll continue to aspire to.

And I'm far from alone. Most of the 3.5 women on our team have already, and somewhat regularly, faced good 4.0 competition, mens and womens. Only one, I think, doesn't handle the mental pressure too swell (at least that's what she says....reality is that she does just fine).

Still, making that jump to 8.5 would be too rough, I think.

What did the others decide to do? Did someone pick up the ball and put a team together? Or did you all go your separate ways?
It's too early to tell. Some of them think they'll be able to talk me back into it. Ain't happening.

I think if I dissolved the team, someone would skim off the ten best 4.0s and start a team. I think I would be invited, but nothing is certain. So dissolving the team could leave *me* without a team.
Nah, I think you'd be in the mix for either a 7.5 or 8.5 team.

I think some captains opt for Option 4.5: Dissolve the team, find someone to captain, and then pull the strings behind the scenes. This always seemed a little smarmy to me. I mean, if you want to keep captaining a competitive team at that level, suck it up and cut some people honestly.
Yep. That'd put me off a bit. I mean, if you're gonna captain, captain. That's why you get the big bucks. Right?
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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