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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
No,according to him. No sooner than he said that the questions started rolling in and he immediately backpeddled. He did it to save his skin,and to get those people off of his case.

But he didn't do much this year at all. He hasn't played to be able to do anything.
You can't know that. He hasn't back-peddled about other things he's said before which have been controversial.
And like I said, what he did this year shows otherwise. And he did quite a lot, only reaching the AO final (which he could well have won, you know, on Novak's best surface before his grandfather died), and won Montecarlo, Rome and RG beating Djokovic.

Could have fooled me.
You're predisposed.

Come on,Crisstti. Do you believe his knees magically stop hurting when he plays an exo? He has made dumb scheduling decisions throughout his entire career. Like playing Rotterdam(for the appearance fee)only a week after a gruelling AO where his knees were already bothering him. How about playing Madrid that same year even though he said he was in serious pain beforehand? Dumb decisions like that have cost this guy so much throughout his entire career,and those particular boneheaded decisions cost him most of the 2009 season,and his ranking. He didn't win a thing for a year afterwards. He does this type of stuff all the time,and is pretty much renowned for his dumb scheduling. He has still not smartened up about his schedule,and has more exos planned for next year,even though he missed most of this season with injury. You don't think that's senseless and ridiculous?
I don't think he plays them when he's in bad shape, like this year, when he didn't even play DC. Can't you give him some credit for that?.

But yes, he's made some less than brilliant scheduling decisions.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
If he does come back he won't be a factor anymore. He is so far below the likes of Fed,Murray and **** at this point in time,I don't know how he will ever get back again.
He isn't "so far below them". He hasn't been playing.
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