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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I'd hazard a guess that a much higher percentage of people on average everywhere outside the US knows more about most sports and current events in general. It's just how it is.
current events, maybe...but there are a lot of variables there. Sports though, highly unlikely. I don't think anyone obsesses about sports (in general) quite like we do. Again we just have more variety, more options. Most countries have on average 2 widely followed sports. Soccer and....maybe tennis, maybe golf, maybe auto racing depending on which country we're talking about. We have 2 widely followed sports at the college level before even getting to the pros. Besides, I'm not seeing many sites/blogs etc devoted to hardcore statistical analysis like American sports. Soccer and tennis are just now getting involved in statistical analysis to the basic levels baseball or football had 15 years ago. How has range factor not been an analyzed stat in soccer yet? When I look at a friend's soccer site, I see a bunch of basic level analysis that any random person could regurgitate. Go to baseballprospectus or fangraphs or baseballreference and you'll see what I mean.

When it comes down to it, soccer is just boring to a lot of people..and a lot of players play a boring style of tennis these days for the average fan. It's just the way it is. If the ATP is going to keep the courts slow enabling all these pushers and grinders, it's just going to continue to circle the drain in popularity. I have a difficult time believing that the world's youth, in this age of time intensive video games and social media and hundreds of channels and various electronic devices, is going to sit there and watch a 4 hour Djoker vs Murray grindfest no matter what country you're from. Like boxing is dead, and baseball is slowly dying with our youth in America, tennis is already there. Like hockey, it's not a great television product, and when you consider football - it requires one 3 hour commitment per week to watch your favorite team in a short 16 game season that means every game carries some significance. Even for me it's tough to watch tennis daily for 2 weeks during a grand slam with the defense first sludgefest that most players drop these days.

All that said, I don't think there is any question that more Americans follow European soccer leagues than Europeans that follow baseball or football or basketball here. And I'm saying that fully aware that basketball has become more and more popular in Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, and some of the Eastern European countries. But they still have a ways to go to catch up to China and the Philippines who are rapidly exploding as major revenue streams for the NBA.
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