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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

The main thing I see when I play 4.0 with a 3.5 is that the 3.5 lacks a plan when the opponents rush the net. There are only three things you can do: lob, pass, or get there first.

Of these, getting there first is the only one that will work consistently. Trying to blast passing shots for two hours is not going to cut it. Lobbing works, but few can hit offensive lobs or nail the back corner.

Getting there first requires good approach volleys and the ability to return serves early, and few 3.5s do this. I was bumped to 4.0 a year ago and I ave spent the last 11 months working on these skills. These ladies who are bumped to 4.0 in two weeks are not going to develop these skills overnight, and playing 8.5 without them is a tough ask.
Okay that definitely makes sense. I'm probably misunderstanding, but right now you (4.0) and playing with a 3.5. This makes 7.5. But your 3.5's are getting bumped to 4.0. Thus wouldn't you be playing 8.0 doubles? With 8.5 I thought at least one of you would have to be a 4.5?

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