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the throat is where im not sure about. If the strings go through the handle, my stringer wont be able to tension at the throat (handle, Bottom). I guess my question is, is it okay to tension two mains through one top grommet?

For example, If i have an untensioned main go down through the handle, loop back up and through the appropriate top hole (thus having two untensioned mains), then tension, is that okay? Will the tension be off?
It's very similar to string e-Force rackets with richter tubes. I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube, and they do the same. You could clamp on one side close to the throat and pull tension on the other side at the head to start, but you will eventually have to pull two main (on the same side). It eventually evens out. It's very similar to string e-Force rackets with richter tubes. I try to do one side of the hard pattern, before the starting the other side, which is about 4 mains.

With most RB rackets, it's recomended to pre-string the mains before pulling tension. With many shared holes you don't want them to cross, and you want to pattern to be even.
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