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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Lawl, I'm not a diehard Federer fan as you probably assumed on the basis of me defending him (you probably think everyone who doesn't hate him is a fanboy) nor I'm interested in his non-tennis-associated life. I just don't like ir when someone disses him for no reason. It's just blatant hatred and Achilles82 is a well established Federer hater (or a Djokovic lover who feels the need to justify Djokovic's slow start in the match)

At least we agree on the last part. Every big news has to be confirmed.
Justify Djokovic slow start?! Are we going to stick to that and forget that he simply BEAT your guy...

BTW, stop assuming things as you have no clue really if I am anyone's fan or a hater. I have shown many times here that I appreciate positive things about Federer and also have pointed out bad things about Djokovic...
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