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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
You seem like a nice guy, but you seriously need to relax.
Well, yes, perhaps too nice.

I'm very generous with line calls giving opponents the full benefit of any doubt on my part. I don't rush older or out of shape opponents in the hot Atlanta sun (during my very first mixed doubles match the male opponent nearly collapsed).

And I hope you din't take offense at my post but I really find your attitude far too common whether applied to tennis or other aspects of society.

You're perfectly willing to ignore the rules if YOU feel like it and you're willing to enforce the rule when YOU feel like it. And you seem to imply that others who call such hinderance faults are being too harsh.

And, since our sport at our level is self-regulated and depends on the players to police themselves, you are deliberately putting opponents in the uncomfortable position of having to supervise YOUR behavior on the court. They're there to play a game, not babysit a middle aged woman. It's really quite inconsiderate to expect others to monitor your behavior. The other word that comes to mind is immature. Just play by the rules, it's that simple. Would you teach your children to cheat?
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