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I've played in mine only once when I went to watch some friends play and I was in street cloths and they asked me to hit a few. They felt similar to an Oscillate but not as soft. They do have Nike's Lunarlon cushioning but are built pretty solid and have a decent amount of stability. I would not rank them on the 'tour' vibe of the Vapor Tours or the CB .3s but more a Vapor Club and CB .2.

Definitely usable on the court, but for anyone who actually knows what they are enough to own them would probably be serious enough to own a more elite level shoe for play.

I do get a lot of complements on them when wearing casually. They have enough of a classic sneaker vibe to pair them with jeans and not look like you are wearing court shoes, nice jean-lay as they say. Big fan of traveling with them as they are very comfy and neutral colors to can wear with a lot of things and walk around in them all day.
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