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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Dempsey doesn't poach, or atleast when he plays for the U.S, he sits behind the strikers and creates space for our wingers. And when all else fails, he shoots (as you guys would know ).

No doubt that VdV was and is better than Dempsey. He's also younger; and came from Real Madrid. Dempsey came from Fulham. He's more creative, faster, much more technically proficient, and has a better shot. Regarding Modric, he hasn't impressed much at Madrid, but he too is better than Dempsey. If you have a problem with the fact that your club signed Dempsey over someone else, it's not his fault. Blame it on the manager and his tactics or the club's president.

I hope it happens!
Is something getting a bit lost in translation here?

Yes, it is of course down to Levy and AVB. I don't have a major issue with Dempsey. I just think it's fair to say Dempsey hasn't excelled yet - like the vast majority.

Spurs are desperately crying out for a playmaker of course. Having got shot of Modric, the notoriously 'tight' Levy needed to move heaven and earth to get one in the summer, but obviously, that never happened.


Sir i demand you wash your mouth out with soap........
Dempsey better than Kevin Nolan???
I'm off to make a cup of tea to calm myself down.
Shocking as that statement was, I trust you've done the British thing and gathered your senses and calmed down after the imbibing a strong cuppa.

On a serious note, how are you feeling about Allardyce and what he's doing with the hammers? Seems like he's doing well, no? A West Ham fan has told me he's slowly but surely become a convert.


Who - surely at a massive loss for the blues - are the contenders to buy Torres? Which teams would have him? Where would he want to go?
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