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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Who - surely at a massive loss for the blues - are the contenders to buy Torres? Which teams would have him? Where would he want to go?
It's a tough one! The two obvious ones would be Juventus (who are always linked with strikers, and have been with Torres in the past, even last summer). Going back to Atletico is an option, as it would probably be the only club he would settle for smaller wages at.

I think Italy in general would make sense, it would complete the set of Spain, England and Italy for him.

AC Milan have been known to go for big name players who have had issues, Robinho and Ronaldinho for instance. Maybe Russia if he fancies getting £300,000 a week, no doubt Anzhi would probably be interested.

I think there are options out there for him. I wonder if someone as big as Falcao comes in, would Torres leave in January. It would be interesting to see how he handles the new signing and competition, he didn't like Drogba being the main man so I can't imagine he would be happy having a younger, clearly better man take his place.
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