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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
You make some very salient points, but there are a lot what-ifs there. I think if that would have happened, Gonzales would have been even more driven. Remember that Gorgo himself had his share of dry spells, like in '60, where he competed in few tournaments.

Also, even at the age of 26 after several years on the pro circuit, Rosewall was edged by Gonzo 16-5 in the h2h in 1960. From '57-'60, the head-to-head was 90-42 Gorgo, a very decisive edge.

I don't think Trabert would take many majors away from Gonzales. Gonzales was far better on fast surfaces (none of his 17 were won on clay).
Like Sampras? Gonzales had the ability to win on clay, but there was fierce competition there, Rosewall, Trabert, Hoad maybe the three greatest ever on clay. No way Gonzales can dominate.
On grass Hoad, Sedgman could match him.
The toughest field ever.

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