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Default My Annual Racket Migration - yet again :p

I need some help or opinions please?
I guess this is my annual migration of rackets...

I have two exo tour 100's for almost a year now, which i find rather heavy at times. I think their lack of power, especially on the serve (for me) emphasizes the heaviness, more than some other rackets would have, like for example the kblade98.
So I ended up adding lead at 3&9, which definitely ads power and stability to the racket. It does however, make the racket even heavier for me. I guess it's not ideal, but some days I play better with my stock racket, and other days better with my leaded racket. My main racket is the leaded setup...and my thinking was that its a more attacking setup than the stock version. So if things go well for me in a match, id play with the same racket throughout. When things go wrong, i switch to the stock version - psychologically i have changed rackets and could mentally change the match. I could however not really say whether this works or not, as even in spite of this, i still sometimes play better with lead, and sometimes better stock.

With lead, i struggle with maneuverability...without lead, i struggle with power. But this is besides the point....

To make a long story short: I recently bought two very light wilson BLX-surge (2011 model) rackets. I have not migrated to them yet, but will do so soon. Their setup is lighter, slightly more head heavy orientated. I am hoping I did not make a mistake buying these, as i know that heavier rackets seems to be the best way to go normally.

The reason I decided on the wilson Surge, is due to what I had before the tours. I previously played with:
- a Prince Speedport black (best serving ever)...and
- a wilson kblade98 before that (best control ever, except for misshits)

My thinking was that the surge would:
- have the same control and feel of the kblade98 (being a wilson also) but without
the misshits due to a 100sq inch.
- have similar power to the speedport black due to stiffness
- similar manueverability as the speedport black due to lightness
- similar spin to the tour100 due to the open string pattern

I do think the exotour100's improved my technique, especially on the volleys and serve...but i find myself having to muscle the ball at times and that the racket is too demanding to get power at times.

Could someone please give their opinions on light vs. heavy frames, especially between the tour100 and the wilson Surge if possible? Maybe taking into consideration what I've liked in my previous rackets? I know I havent played with the wilson Surge's yet, but on paper, i would like to know if it was a wise decision, or a mistake in your opinion. Also, them being cheaper frames than normal, It does kind of leave the impression in the back of the mind that they're not top end rackets?

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