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You're kinda taking away Fed's biggest strength

But yes Lendl does get underrated, he was a pretty dominant player in possibly the strongest tennis era ever, also playing style wise I think those players are very similar (possibly more so than any other tennis greats in comparison).

BTW. Fed agrees that he's not better than Lendl:

Q. I think the World Tour Finals equals a Grand Slam as a major title event. Now you have 16 Grand Slam titles and six World Tour Final titles. How much satisfaction do you have holding both records?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, of course I'm extremely happy and extremely proud. I still don't feel like I'm better than Pete Sampras, or Lendl for that matter. I still believe they are one of the all‑time greats to play the game. I'm just happy to be compared to them.
I'm actually happy that they are mentioned while I'm doing this because they have done amazing things in our sport. Sometimes legends do get forgotten rather quickly, which is unfortunate.
So for me to hear we are talking about Pete, Ivan, other players, I think is great for the sport and great for them. I mean, that I hold both records, sure, I'm very happy about it, I'm proud, because I know the effort that has gone into it. It's longevity, it's something you can't just do over a short period of time.
I used to be famous for not being consistent. I think this one proves to me that I was able, and proves to maybe many people, that if I can be, then many other people can be successful for a long period of time, as well, because I thought that was a very difficult thing to achieve.

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Thans Gizo!

No one is saying lendl is better than roger....but if Grand Slams did NOT put both their careers next to each other.....Lendl would have kicked rogers a s s upband down the courts...

So simply remove GS from the equation.....Pretend they didnt exist....Lendls career blows Federers career into the weeds... fact. Just saying...
Yes but Fed's career has been mostly about slams, he scheduled himself around them, always trying to peak at the right time etc. That has been his focus his whole career, maybe influenced by Sampras being his idol.

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Also Roger Federer has NEVER ever played the fast courts of the 80's and never will. All the tennis tournaments back in the 80s played waaay far much faster than any current player has even tried....AO was faster...W was faster...FO was faster and USO was faster....and the racquets were far inferior and smaller than todays tech...
Actually, I get the impression that FO was slower in the 90s and 80s.
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