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My quick answer is no, I carry two rackets in case of string breaks, both are the same spec. But as hardly any other answers on this thread are just a simple yes or no, then I will say my bit too.

I think the first thing one needs to do is make sure that they are playing with the racket that best suits their game, in terms of weight, head size and balance, then try and stick with it. Its very easy to have a good game one day and think the racket is great, then have a bad day and think you need a new racket.

I have been guilty of this in the past when Ive struggled with a heavy racket, switched to very light and thought it was miles better, only for the next game to get knocked about. Once you have the racket that suits you, try and stick with it.

If you do find yourself struggling with the heavier racket and contemplating carrying a lighter stick, dare I say it might bit a touch too heavy for you.
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