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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Smoledman is not a Fed fan, quite the opposite actually.

Well they wouldn't pay them this much if they didn't get a return on investment but yeah all those whining about too long of a season, tough schedule etc. does seem somewhat laughable given the money they get for playing a game.
ffs... i would give my left nut to have the chance to play tennis all day and make 1\4 of what Novak makes (and i was lucky enough to get higher eucation and i do make a good living by my country standards).

but then we have morons that idolize these guys to the point where they have no flaws and must have their filthy greed ideas defended in a tennis forum by john does!!!!!!!
The Telegraph : Operation Puerto doctor Eufemiano Fuentes 'treated tennis players, athletes, footballers and a boxer'
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