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Originally Posted by lendlmac View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble... Aside from 94 ATP titles which Federer may ever come close to, let alone pass... Lendl won nearly 40+ more titles than that beating top 10 to top 5 players routinely..even in the smaller tournaments....

You fail to understand... When you put these two players careers Outside of Grand Slams....forget the GS even the body of work the level of players and the sheer dominance in mens tennis goes to Ivan Lendl....

Lendl s not chasing Federer folks....fact is there still many Ivan Lendl records Roger Federer can never achieve still nor come close to....yet. Lendls career is written....Its done....Federer is chasing history.......but hes still casing connors and ivan lendl....
I totally agree. In fact, if you discount grand slams... AND tour events... AND non-sanctioned events... AND exhibitions, and only measure their careers by counting Czechoslovakian Tennis Association-supervised tournaments during the 1970s, then Lendl absolutely dominates Federer.

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