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Originally Posted by roundiesee View Post
So... after all these years, you are ditching Wilson for Head?? Say it an't so.......
I'm afraid that I have deemed them unworthy of my continued patronage.

I'd love to still play with them, all the racquets were awesome up until now.

But I can't keep string in them, and they keep breaking. I can't play with frames that are compromised after 3 stringjobs, and unusable after 6+, and then send them back, wait for replacements, pay to have the replacements re-customized. Only to go through the process again and again.

If they said "Look, something went wrong with the molds, and we are trying to fix it." I would hold down the fort and hope the 2013 line was better (If any of you remember how there were early and late model Ncodes where the first run had a silver spec label, and the second run had the black label). But the Wilson rep has said flat out "Yea, they all break, but it is cheaper to just replace the ones that break by warranty than to figure out what is wrong, and make the frames good." Why should I stand by a company like that?

And then to read about all this research on spin effect, and their dog and pony show that gets trotted around the country to show how great their research is? Give me a break. Make the racquets you have good. Even to look at the new ones and the POS bumper sets they have. How much more could the good bumper sets cost? Hell, everything gets more expensive as the years roll on, charge $5 more for the frame, and don't cheap out on the bumpers.

In my opinion.

Head. I>LM>MG trending down. MG<YT<IG Trending up.

Wilson. T90<N90<K90 Trending up. K90>B90>P90 Trending down.

The BLXPS is the worst of all the tour 90s. The IG Prestige is the best of all the post year 2000 Prestiges.

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