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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
Always the center main. Sometimes I shank a frame snapper, but most of the time its 1 or two strings. My friend breaks an average of 3. which i always found odd since he isnt a big hitter, but he is one of those guys who always find the sweet spot.
Actually multiple string breaks are more common for players that take longer to break strings.

The strings are in the frame longer to suffer the effects of the sun and dry out, get notched in, etc. So the stringbed as a whole has deteriorated over time and becomes more brittle, where the big hitters will just wear them out where they hit the ball.

Esp true with syn gut. If you have a guy who takes a long time to break syn, a whole bunch of strings will let go at once because it becomes so much more brittle and dried out.

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