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I think the difference is "can play with" and "playability". I can play with any string in any condition. However, I like my hybrid of IBS/OGSM after about 30 mins of play best. It just feels great. I'm getting both the pace and spin that I'm asking for. In fact, I get a bit of a boost from having a set up in the sweet spot. Hence, I just play better. Good vibes.

Also, I hit with a lot of topsin. Pace is easy enough to generate with anything, and so is spin, too, albeit to a lesser degee, but to get that extra angle or bounce with massive spin, strings have an impact. I've been testing out some different polys and found that SPPP requires a lot more effort to get good spin than BHBR. However, the feel of SPPP was far superior to me. Look around the boards a bit, and that certainly isn't the usual finding. It all boils down to choice which I think is largely based on feel. That's why if a rec player wants to use a poly, then why not?
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