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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
... Another point which probably is obvious to most people is that if you place the clamp right up against the frame you will not be able to recover all of the drawback on the next pull. Anyone agree with that?
If the clamp does not twist out of position when tension is released you may not get all the drawback out of the clamp but it will be so close you can not see the difference. Also the slower you pull tension and the longer you pull tension the more drawback is recovered on the next pull. And I don't think it will matter if you use a constant pull or a lockout.

EDIT: My guess is if you use a lockout and only pull once you will get more drawback recovered as long as the clamp does not twist. The reason being is if you pull once and clamp the string behind the clamp will lose tension faster. When you pull tension on the next string the the tension between the frame and the clamp will be lower than reference tension but there will be less difference between it and the tension in the other side of the clamp so more drawbackis recovered.
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