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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
That warming/cooling happens in cycles, but the current warming cycle is more dramatic than anything in the past, so there must be a component of warming attributable to man's greenhouse gas emissions. How much is not known.

I also understand the current levels are not alarming, but if the trend continues, we could be in trouble a few decades down the road, at which point it will be very hard to reverse.

Are you under the impression that climate is cyclical that warm periods are countered by cold periods in predicatable time and in roughly similar size?
They arent , cliamte does change only when there is an extra forcing on it.
For example increase or decrease of CO2 and or sun radiation .

It is known that burning of fossil fuels add around 29 gigatons of carbon to the other wise naturally ongoing carbon cycle.
That is upsetting the natural cycle of carbon. AKA global warming and in addition ocean acidification on a global scale and rapidity quite 'impressive'

The current levels are actually very alarming already and will escalate due to the fact CO2 accumulates and therefore doesnt go away quickly and emissions are quickly accelerating.
A good intervall in in the 280 parts per million range to max 350 ppm. we are above that already .

You are correct in assuming that the lag in the system makes it so that once it all can make inroads such as droughts , floods and change of jet streams + ocean currents , yes then its quite too late to act and assume our lives will be remotely similar to the high and safe health and security in all our everyday lives we enjoy so much.
That is why acting now pays hugely as opposed to waiting.

Hope this will be of help.

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