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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
It has nothing to do with strings. He's just a better player than you. Roddick can defeat any of us in a match with a frying pan, because he's better.

Strings aren't a measure of someone's skills on the court. They're just a tool.
i know the old frying pan example, obviously he's better than me and has more experience and feel of the game,
what i meant is that i was astonished how come he doesn't feel or care for changes in his string.. while i really notice a difference and feel i need to change. i know a big part of it is psychological, but still- if he can handle a lousy string and it does nothing to his game (and never have), why am i bothering with any changes at all? only because he's better than me?
this usually suppose to be the opposite (pros have to change after a few games etc..)

Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
IMO, a "flatter" hitter would be more affected by tension and playability loss from old, dead strings bcoz he would have less margin of error on his shots. It sounds like your crafty opponent has uncanny ability to adjust to the playing characteristics of his string set-up and his success vs you is undermining your confidence in what you rely on. If you're doing well vs other opponents it's not the equipment issues that need to be addressed. I'd work on searching for the little "chinks in his armor"...what shots he handles less easily (I hit fairly flat and don't like stuff high to my 2hbh and changing depths of shots; would that frustrate him?).
yea, i'm wondering on that flat/spin relationship vs the strings, and what you say have far more logic than the opposite- still confused.
about the game strategy, i'll discuss this more on the tips forum i guess. right now i think i'll take a break from him. it was ridiculous really:
five or six sets with the last ones taking 5 minutes each
the funny thing was that in our previous matches i managed to take one set from him 6-3 when i played really perfect.

i mainly wondering about the strings issues for now.
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