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Our club doesn't have one, but I wish we did.

Another club here in town runs not a ladder...but a tree. Let me see if I can describe it.

Top Level: 1 spot
Next Level: 2 spots
Next Level: 3 spots and so on.

(but in the shape of a Christmas tree)

You may challenge one level up...or over, and must accept a challenge from one level down...or over. For example, Player D could challenge B and E. Player E can challenge B, C, D and F. Player F can challenge C and E. If D can't beat B....but thinks they can best player C....then they must challenge E first to see if they can move over so they'd then be connected to C.

If you play a lot, you'll end up near the middle of whatever level your skill set tends to put you at. That's because there are six possible matches for you to participate in (regardless of who's doing the challenging). In the above example, Player E could get into matches with B, C, D, F, H or I.

New people just get added to the bottom level...and if it's full, you just make another, lower level. Makes for some mismatches early on...but it sorts out quickly. People who don't or won't play move down because the rules say...if you don't play within 7 days of the challenge, it's a walkover.

It's not high-tech or online. They just put up a bunch of nails/cupholder hooks on the wall and use little tags to move folks around. There's no start or end dates and the top dog is truly the club's Star. It seems very successful.

I'd love to see an online system for this with contact info.
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