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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Let me give you a perfect example. Strings are only important enough to keep the space in the hoop from being open, BUT, the can make or break your experience. As I mentioned elsewhere, I tried Yonex PTP and it felt like rubbish. I could still hit all the shots I know how to hit, but it just did not feel nice. It felt like hitting with plastic. I then restrung to my favorite Scorpion, and I'm not kidding, the level of fun shot up. I get the feedback I'm looking for and the feel I'm looking for, and that's worth everything to me. Could I win a match with the Yonex that I could with the Scorpion? Yes. Would I be enjoying it as much? Nope.
if we are talking about the FUN factor i totally agree.
so you're saying you could take you dead strings racquet and play the same?
well maybe that's indeed a factor of enough experience and game level.
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