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Originally Posted by Feather View Post
Did you watch the match between Rafa and Soderling? If you haven't watched then go watch it and say all these nonsense. I have seen the match, Rafa was running around like a rabbit and Soderling blew him off the court on clay. He wasn't injured against Rosol either.

He was injured both times. You need to get help for your denial.

And I hardly call a close 4 set match with 2 tiebreaks blowing someone off the court. Exaggerate much? Nadal played a horrible match while Soderling played near his best and he still nearly had to go 5 sets. Also,other than the WTF that same year,Nadal has beaten Soderling each and everytime they have played since,includiing twice at RG. I think you folks need to admit it was a massive fluke in 2009 and move on.

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