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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
That is the base for everything else, btw. You will learn that once you grow up and have kids of your own...

IMO, you cannot compare the two -- totally different times, totally different competition, totally different strokes.
We can speculate what if. One thing for sure, Federer would not have 17 Slams in his pocket if he were playing during Lendl's generation...

That is why the whole GOAT discussion is absolute waste of time

EX: 2012 BMW (F30) runs faster, smoother, corners better, sounds and looks better than 1989 BMW (E30), but every car enthusiast knows which one to enjoy better... Different generations and standrds...
Wow. Reading your post would be a shock to my eldest daughers who are in their 20s.
It is not my fault you can't come up with any facts to support your erroneous assertion that Lendl was a better player than Federer. Further, I have never heard any tennis expert make such a claim. Most experts don't even place Lendl in the same tier of greatness as Federer, Laver, Sampras, Borg.
I don't disagree that there is a difficulty in comparing players accross generations which is one of the reasons I don't believe that Federer is the undisputed GOAT. However, Federer started his career with a PS85 with gut strings which is not very different from the racquets that Lendl played with in the late 80s. Never saw Lendl do the things that Roger can do with the ball.
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