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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
Murray's slice puts Djokovic in a lot more uncomfortable position than Nadal's topspin. Murray is able to stay with Djokovic for a long time in most rallies. That can be seen in the last three matches they have played this year.

Like I said, away from clay, from a pure baseline rally perspective, Murray is the only player who comes close to Djokovic. The rest stand very little chance to win the vast majority of the rallies with Djokovic.
Murray's slice perhaps, but then Fed's slice is almost if not even more effective than Murray, no?
What I have in mind is the AO final 2012 lasting over 5-6hr between Rafa and Djoker. Going in time a bit earlier, although Djoker won the other 3GS in 2011 against Rafa, he didn't exactly blow Rafa off the courts either. So when you said, "the rest stand very little chance to win... against Djokovic", I still believe Rafa had a better chance than Murray no matter what the surface is. Today's picture is different though with Rafa being injured for a half of the year, and Murray with one GS title under his belt and becoming stronger mentally (I think!), Murray may edge ahead of Rafa starting from now.
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