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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Nope he seemed fine by the end of the match to me, sorry .

However, Novak hardly played only defensive tennis, he ran Fed around as well and took control of the point many time with his FH (especially his inside out FH to Fed's BH was brutal), was aggressive on the ROS (not easy to do on Fed's serve)etc.

Not to mention that aside from his breathing issues (which have nothing to do with style of play) his career has been largely injury free (despite playing so much on that perilous surface that is HC), I kinda wish he'd stop sliding on HC but it didn't hurt him so far.
I didnt mean he was defensive. I meant what I said, he goes for shots that puts too much pressure oh his body, and in awkward positions.
He hasnt have a major injury yet but he has a history of retirements from matches for different reasons.
And, dont be sorry, you talk like I took my case to the judge of the forum and was denied
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