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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Uhm, let's be clear here. I'm pretty sure those O2 million spectators came in 4 years. They added 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 together.
Yes you are correct. To be more specific this year attracted 263,229 spectators over 8 days.

Here are some cool stats posted on ATP world tour website:
• An estimated global cumulative audience of 100.7 million viewers tuned into the event.
• Televised by 56 broadcasters in 193 territories, a total of 5,580 hours were broadcast across the eight days of the tournament, a 27% increase on 2011.
• In the UK, more than 60 hours of coverage was featured live on Sky Sports and 20 hours on terrestrial television on BBC.

• attracted 3.4 million unique visitors throughout the tournament, a 10% increase on 2011.
• Live match streaming on, the ATP’s official live streaming site, received more than 3.75 million total streams, an increase of 25% on 2011.
• ATP World Tour content posted to Facebook exceeded 40 million impressions (222% increase on 2011) and conversations on Twitter grew 93% from last year.
• ATP’s official YouTube channel drove 727,800 views and nearly 1 million minutes watched during the week (45% increase in views on 2011).
• ATP Official Live Scoring Flash and Mobile Applications recorded more than 23 million page impressions and total user sessions in excess of 3.1 million for the week.
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