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Originally Posted by floridatennis82 View Post
Tball2day do you struggle with counting? The first time they "threw out the injury card" was exactly 3 weeks ago in Irvine were he lost his 1st round to Jonny Wang, he since then didn't practice for 2 1/2 weeks and hit for 3 days before playing the tournament at UCLA.. and this would be the 2nd time he has "thrown out the injury card". Also he never threw anything out he himself hasn't said anything, hes just trying to get back into playing and playing matches after not playing for almost a month.

and regarding you Socal10s

"tired of hearing ""injured Novikov"" every player play even when they are not 100% .. so how long does it take a twisted ankle to heal 100% ? Roddick wore those ankle support for so many years.. but I can see where Novikov can lose to Grant .. the guy doesn't know how to hit a clean passing shot.. not too many college players can ,especially when they are under pressure .. that's one of the major difference between college and pro level play.."

are you being serious right now? Why do you comment on things you have no clue, it was his first ankle sprain and it was severe. His ankle was swollen for 3 weeks and when he played in Irvine it still was swollen. The swelling wasn't all gone till a week before the tournament at UCLA. My personal favorite comment is "this guy doesn't know how to hit a clean passing shot" have you ever seen Novikov play? He has some of the best passing shots. I mean of course he can't hit clean, he only beat a guy 80 in the world and went 4 tight sets with a top 25 guy, and the 80 guy who he just beat at the open just beat 4 top 20 guys at the Masters including Murray... so yea go tell your stories to people who don't have a clue about tennis maybe they will believe you, you have a hatred for Novikov forever. Get over it, why do u hate him so much that you just want him to always fail? Don't be jealous of him because he has done so much more than you in tennis and your still sitting on your butt in front of your computer talking trash about him. Get over it.
Lot of data about him, new user, and quite defensive when point was we shouldn't use excuses for anybody.... hmmmm.

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