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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
But how are you a 4.5 getting double bagled over and over by a guy who doesn't ever break strings?
I love this.

Breaking strings has zero to do with results on court. Guga Kuerten used to have 3 racquets in his bag, all strung the same with ALU. 3, that's it. I don't ever remember seeing him break strings. I dare say he was a slightly better than a 4.5.

In the 'old days' with wooden frames, you had one frame. Strings were densely patterned and you would rarely break gut. If you did, you either borrowed a frame or quit playing. This, of course, was before league play.

Breaking or not breaking strings has zero to do with winning or losing. If a guy hits through the ball fairly level, he will not move the mains enough to cause excessive sawing by the crosses. My old doubles partner was like this. He could play with 17 gauge syn gut and never broke a string. He and I played 5.0 together. I strung his racquets once a year just because he did my taxes.

Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
if a 60 yrs old flat hitter who changes his strings once a year cannot feel any difference and still control and bagel me forever, while i feel my strings already dead after 8 hrs and "my control has changed", something must be really exaggerated here imo.

I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm 54 and play occasionally get invited to play with some 20-30 something ex-college players. I string for a couple of them. One in particular plays with a Babolat Pure Drive that is absolutely about to disintegrate. He knocks the cover off the ball. The 1st time I strung for him I asked him what he wanted in it and what tension. He said whatever's in there now, and tight. It was Prince synthetic 16 and I strung it at the top of the recommended tension. I asked him how it felt after I gave it to him. He said "OK". This guy also wraps his over grips bottom up and uses the sticky tab to fasten it at the top.

It's guys like this that made me start to question my "obsession" with string. A close buddy of mine had the same experience. We were both using natural gut. He started using Prince Syn Gut Poly @ $5.25 and I started playing around with plain jane syn gut. I did find that using Prince Beast helped me off the ground and I may go to the $5 poly syn combo. But yeah, we both were going WTF?

I went back and tried my old go to, Timo. I hit really well with it, but after that, my arm was worn out for two days. So, I decided to try some newer polys and did find that the newer ones give you a lot of the poly benefits without the pain.

Also, and just BTW, the buddy of mine has a son who is ranked top 10 in the South in the 12's. He was stringing his frames with gut/poly cause his son wanted it. The pro he works with was telling him he should spend the money elsewhere. His son went to a regional tournament. In one match, he broke strings in 3 racquets. My friend cut him over to the $5.25 string. He asked his son how it felt. His son said "OK." He hasn't missed a lick, but he's still taking names and kicking *****.

On the flip side of this, there are a couple of 5.0 really good guys I string for who refuse to let me change their setup. They demand full poly at a high tension and both of them are constantly b!tching about their arms hurting. They just won't change, so maybe the setup is producing results they don't feel they could get otherwise.

In summary, yeah, strings and tension are as important IMO as the frame. For some people, like the guys I mentioned above, they're good enough that they can do it with anything. The rest of us do probably spend too much time trying to find nirvana.
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