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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I think in the confines of the current and modern game he is. He is equally strong off both forehand and backhand which is definitely not true of Federer, not true of Murray, not true of current Nadal. He has become almost equally good at offense and defense, still slightly better on offense. He is the best returner out there, and his serve is now also a weapon. He is equally good at hitting crosscourt or down the line, his court positioning is impeccable, his defense to offense transition is sublime, and understands all the nuances of the current game. Despite not being a good volleyer he knows how to transition to the net effectively when needed, and still usually wins most points when he does come in. The only things he lacks are things that are almost irrelevant in todays game, feel and touch shots, great volleying skills, really dont matter much today anyway.
Thankyou. Exactly how I see it, hence the post.
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