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Originally Posted by Satsuma Illini View Post
So what happens after you finish your Masters?

"Congratulations! You're fired!"

Yeah, I don't know. That's a good question. I would assume they'll just find someone else to come in. I've never seen a coach last longer than 2 years there. Like I said, I had three friends take the job to get their degrees and then hightail it out of there. One guy I actually can't believe they hired. He was one of the most unorganized people I've ever met. One year he took the men's and women's team to play another school. However, he failed to do actually ask the other coach if they had both a men's and women's team. Turns out they only had a women's team. Another time he took the teams to go play another school out of state and it turned out that the match was scheduled in KC.

I would imagine that a good salesman could come in and convince them to pay up pending good results. But, they have no real direct revenue stream there. They're under the University of Missouri tree, so that's where much of their athletic funding comes from. There is no football to bring in $$, and it's a school located right in the middle of Kansas City; which is less than 90 minutes from KU, MU, and K-State. This renders UMKC a glorified JUCO. Due to these factors, there isn't a real sense of "college" there.

It's really a strange university. It's nice, and has one of the only dental schools around, but it's kind of a last resort type school. A place you go if you don't go to KU, MU, or K-State. A place for athletes who aren't good enough for solid D1, or who don't want to pay good D2.
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