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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I love this.

Breaking strings has zero to do with results on court.

In summary, yeah, strings and tension are as important IMO as the frame. For some people, like the guys I mentioned above, they're good enough that they can do it with anything. The rest of us do probably spend too much time trying to find nirvana.
indeed string breaking has nada to do with level, why would you think that PP?

so what you're saying is that the old guy can play his flat game on his year old strings.
is this because his game DOESN'T NEED the string "extra help"?
i don't get this. if the string was fresh and now it's dry and lose, how come it doesn't bother him and his game is untroubled? it's either he don't need any benefit of any string put on, or he subconsciously adjusts to the string change. if he told me "i don't really care about the string and just change it after 1-2 years"- i don't see any other option.
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