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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Here is the scary reality on stats if you go to 1 of the 200 or so colleges to play tennis D1 -D3 heres what you have 2 players Isner and Anderson both taller then 6'8 who have done anything significant in the last 15 years coming out of college ,, Now lets see 200 teams x 6 to 8 players over 15 years = a tennis pro career death sentence yeah ?

Now lets look at the last 15 years of kids in the top 100 itf = 1500 top 100 players and how many have made top 20 ATP? better odds but more fail here as a successful jr. then make it .

So both paths have horrible odds so any route you take is a crapp shoot but the 1 common thread all have that made it focused on development not results !!!

Coaching 32 results mean nothing you should focus on developing your players !
And the one thing they don't have in common? The better juniors that go the D1 route end up with a free college education and have a bright future.

Based on your son's results to date, you are betting his future on a lottery ticket. Many tennis parents can bankroll a college education if their kid tries a few years on the tour with no results. If you aren't one of those, you can see why people keep pushing "results, results, results" on you.
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