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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
[By the way, what type of strings do you use? Do you do off court conditioning of any kind? The Prestige S has a fairly good flex rating (63), so I doubt this is the main problem. Still, there are even softer frames out there if the problem persists, like the ProKennex Heritage Type C Redondo Mid with a flex rating of 56. And are you sure there are no problems in your technique leading to undo stress at the elbow?]
I doubt that the racquet is a problem too. I did find an interesting list of arm friendly racquets from another tennis blog. I won't link it because it's probably against board rules, but here's the list:


Head LM Radical OS
Pacific X Feel Tour
Head Microgel Radical OS
Head YOUTEK Radical OS & Pro
Volkl DNX 10 Mid
ProKennex Redondo Mid & MP
Avery A5 OS
ProKennex Black Ace 93 & 98
Donnay X Black 94
Donnay X Blue 99
Donnay XP Dual
ProKennex Ki5
ProKennex Heritage Type R
Pacific X Force
Pacific X Force Pro
ProKennex Heritage Type C
Prince EX03 Tour


Prince Original Graphite OS
Wilson BLX Blade Team
Head Microgel Radical MP
Head YOUTEK Radical MP
Prince OZone Tour MP
Boris Becker 11
Avery M3 Control
ProKennex Kinetic Pro 5G Classic
Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. GT
Prince EX03 Rebel 95 & Rebel Team
Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200
Yonex RDiS200
Yonex RD Ti80
Donnay Platinum 99
Donnay Silver 99
Donnay Black 99
Donnay XP Dual Lite


Wilson nTour Two nCode
ProKennex Ki 10 PSE
Babolat Pure Storm Tour
Babolat Pure Storm & Pure Storm Ltd.
Yonex RQ1s1 Tour
Head Microgel Prestige Mid & Pro
Volkl PB 10 & 10 MP
Prince EX03 Graphite 93 & 100
Yonex RD is 100 MP
Tecnifibre TFlash 315VO2 Max
Volkl Quantum Scorcher
Boris Becker Delta Core Legend
Volkl C10 Pro
Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100
Prince EX03 Hybrid 100 & 104
Wilson BLX Tour & Tour Pro
Wilson BLX Team
Head YOUTEK Mojo
Head YOUTEK Prestige Mid
Donnay X Dual Bronze & Silver Lite
Donnay X Blue & Red 94
Donnay X 99 Black & Yellow
Head YOUTEK IG Speed
Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 & 200
Pacific X Force Comp
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