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Originally Posted by Biscuitmcgriddleson View Post
The only part of Novak's game that is better than Federer's peak for peak is the backhand. At their peak, Federer's FH, Serve, Volley, and Movement were better than Novak's. I'd say that Defense is more or less equal, but I'd take Federer's since his Movement appears to be less taxing than Novak's.
As a fan of both I don't think even Federer was as good defensively as Djokovic. The overall movement is close (what with Feds peerless footwork), but not the defense.

As for the thread, I think Novak is an all-around baseliner, no doubt. But all-around player? Tough to say. In this era there it's hard to tell. Federer fits that profile more, IMO.
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