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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I love this.

Breaking strings has zero to do with results on court. Guga Kuerten used to have 3 racquets in his bag, all strung the same with ALU. 3, that's it. I don't ever remember seeing him break strings. I dare say he was a slightly better than a 4.5.

In the 'old days' with wooden frames, you had one frame. Strings were densely patterned and you would rarely break gut. If you did, you either borrowed a frame or quit playing. This, of course, was before league play.

Breaking or not breaking strings has zero to do with winning or losing. If a guy hits through the ball fairly level, he will not move the mains enough to cause excessive sawing by the crosses. My old doubles partner was like this. He could play with 17 gauge syn gut and never broke a string. He and I played 5.0 together. I strung his racquets once a year just because he did my taxes.

You love this. LOL. Ok man..a guy plays with a syn gut for a year and doesn't break strings and you use Kuertan, a doubles partner as an example and wooden frames as well.

I am sorry but it is ONE YEAR of a guy not breaking strings in 2012 facing modern styles of play. I have never seen that before personally. Maybe he uses kevlar or something. But to play singles at a 4.5 level means you are dealing with some hot serves and heavy strokes and will break a string within a years time.

Roz, I guess you'd have to describe this guys game better. The best old guy I play is a master of placement and slice and he breaks his strings at a decent rate.

I dont think breaking strings means someone is good or bad. But I do think a higher level player will break string more than once a year due to the above that I described.

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