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So when it comes to needing a grommet for our prestige tour classic mid, this is the one that is no longer available, that is the dark maroon color that matches the red Prestige Tour.

I had this set for many years, just as a spare for my PCT, but I figured I wouldn't be needing them much since these grommets have a guard that goes all around the racket. It's so tough, I'll never wear it down. But that wasn't the case for replacing, it's the grommet holes where it gets worn thin and crack is where it contacts the racket when the racket is strung. Sure it can be tubed, but only so many times until replacing is needed.

So I thought why not order from TW one of each model and have a look, to see if there's any difference. I've put them all side by side from the original to see if the holes all align, which they all do. The length may be a little off by 1 mm off, or half a mm. However, when I put on the Youtek IG prestige grommet, it stretched ever so slightly and the fit was snug and perfectly fine.

The only difference in the shape of the grommet is the i-prestige and the flex point prestige.

This is the difference at the throat of the i prestige.

This is the flex point prestige where it has a little taper for the flex point prestige.

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