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Originally Posted by pepka View Post
I think that Knicks under MDA were a top 6-7 defensive team one year. Phoenix never played any D so that's that but they almost got to the finals despire injuries and suspensions. I'm not the biggest fan of Pringles but i think guy desreves a chance. People (me included) are mad how the whole "Phil thing" got handled. It is, what it is. MDA never had so much talent on his teams... Phil always
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With any MD team they are ghoing to give up points. Based solely on the amopunt of posessions the other team gets as well.

In my opinion they more important stats is FG % against so not only do toher teams shoot more, but they make a very large percentage of thsoe shots compared to other teams. The Knicks were never higher than 24th in the league under dantoni. They were never much better under Isiah in his last couple years either though.

Compare that to when Dantoni was with the Suns and they were always in the middle teens with FG against. Knicks this year so far are top 10 in FG against.

Last year the Knics were 5th in ponits allowed per 100 possesions. But alot of the has to do with the final 25 games under woodson
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