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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Roz, I guess you'd have to describe this guys game better. The best old guy I play is a master of placement and slice and he breaks his strings at a decent rate.

I dont think breaking strings means someone is good or bad. But I do think a higher level player will break string more than once a year due to the above that I described.
i can consider couple of things..

first, i don't think a decent 4.5 level can't 'survive' without a 'power' game.
if you have decent serves and good placement you can quite succeed.
same goes for the strokes. if you have good placement and game 'vision' you could outwin many power players.

i can describe the guy's game:
ALL FLAT strokes, no spin at all. no real technique just self learned very efficient LOW strokes. he claims he started playing and taught himself tennis at 35. has stable and placed serves. i can attack the second but he control my game atm. and when in need manages to run and prepare very well to most balls, in worst case defend them deep enough to recover.
doesn't slice much, only when needed. punish every weakness. trying to paint the lines and does it well 90% of the times, low and flat, not necessarily with a lot of power.
imo this way of playing saves a string from breaking for a long time, and apparently doesn't effect his game at all even if the string's done.

i'll probably video a game sometime and post it at the tips forum to think how to win him. but we're talking string effectiveness here, so...
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