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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I read an interesting article from a tennis newsletter on Ibuprofen:

It basically explains that the mechanism that results in an anti-inflammatory effect also inhibits enzymes that promote repair and muscle building. The author recommends taking Ibuprofen for acute pain but not as a regular supplement to avoid soreness after exercise. I recently had an acute shoulder injury, and I found Ibuprofen to be helpful to get me through competitive matches, but I don't plan to take it regularly once it starts to feel better.

Any thoughts?
Use as little ibuprofen as possible!

Ibuprofen masks pain, allowing players to continue to abuse their bodies.

There once was a theory that ibuprofen could prevent joint damage by decreasing inflammation. No evidence for that theory has been produced.

Instead, many more suffer worse muscle/tendon/ligament/joint injuries because ibuprofen masks the pain that should have warned players to stop playing.
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