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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Hi Sky_Boy, thanks for the tip. However, in the case of the serve I want to keep the toss low in order to keep it as simple as possible (think: Roscoe Tanner, etc.). I'm not actually worried about my serve at this time. It could be a lot better of course, but it's very consistent, and a very easy motion for me the way I do it now. Against 4.0 to 3.5+ it's effective enough to get me into the point. Against weak 3.5 and below it's a weapon.

Of course, when everything gets stronger and the hand/wrist heals fully, then I want to try to do some things (which will probably involve experimenting with a slightly higher toss) to improve it that I can't really do effectively now. Ie., bend into the court, point (bring feet together), knee bend, and extending more (maybe even jumping a little) into contacting the ball.
Yes, toss is too low and too far to the side. Should be more one o'clock versus two o'clock like yours. You simply slice the serve now. There is no pronation (and, as you mention no leg drive, etc). The question is how good to you want to get and how much time do you have to put into it. Your forehand is a 4.0. The serve is 3.5 to maybe 4.0 and same with your backhand. To get to 4.5 you would have to re-work you serve and backhand to get top spin on both to go all with your slices on both.
You play pretty smart and well for your level.
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