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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
You are 100% entitled to your point of view. Why/what do you think was butchered specifically? You must've read the books, was it the way he presented things that differed from your vision of things after reading the books? Or was it his focus on extended action scenes that bothered you? Things/characters/events he left out?
I think he spent entirely too much time focusing on intense, entirely unnecessary action sequences. He took time away from some of the less action-related, but equally as important bits of the books, so that he could add more scenes of a hopped up elf taking down elephants in impossible ways. I'm all for good action, in fact I just posted how I loved the new James Bond movie, but it's different when you're basing the movies off a series of books that weren't entirely action-centered. I also think Frodo got excessively douchy in the last movie, more so than in the book, and that bothered me to no end.
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