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Debating the value of an app over simply keeping tally on a piece of paper is moot because either way you still have to find someone willing to pay attention to every point of your match and record stats.

Recording your own stats with an app and viewing real-time info run into a problem with the rulebook:

“Effective immediately, USTA has adopted the International Tennis Federation (ITF) policy relating to electronic devices. ITF policy bans the use of all electronic devices by players at any time during a match, even if the device is only used to play music. So from now on, make sure all iPods, cell phones, Blackberrys, laptops etc. are stowed away before you go on court. Written material may be consulted during a match on the changeover, but remember, you only have a maximum of 90 seconds for a changeover starting with the moment that one point finishes to the time the first serve is struck for the next point. At the end of each set, there is a 120 second break, the same parameters applying.”

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