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Originally Posted by Chezbeeno View Post
I know this isn't a popular position to take, but I think Jackson butchered the LOTR movies, with the exception of perhaps the first one. I think him making the Hobbit into 3 separate movies is just further proof that he really only cares about profits, and not doing Tolkien justice. Needless to say I won't be going to see any of the 3 Hobbit movies.
There are some scary rumors that extra characters have been written into the Hobbit movie version to be more politically correct and appeal to modern audiences. Sort of like making the dwarves into jokes in TLOTRs, I'm guessing I won't be pleased.

I probably won't rush out to see it, but I will eventually see it - perhaps just on blu-ray. I'm down to seeing about 3 movies a year in the theater at the moment.
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